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Run Run Bebop is an artist advocacy, marketing/pr, and event production firm.  We work with artists to craft strategies that captivate and inspire, and we have fun doing it.








“You’re a musician. You play. That’s what you do.”

– Lou Reed

We can all remember those little musical moments in our lives that left us in awe, in shock, or inspired – the album that sparked an epiphany, the performance that left you in jaw-to-the-floor ecstasy – those moments that filled a foundation and created the drive to turn passion into pursuit. But we often forget just how much goes on behind the scenes. It’s a long journey from idea to album release party, from the practice room to the big stage. That’s where we come in.

“Master your instrument.  Master the music.  And then forget all that bullshit and just play.”

– Charlie Parker

Run Run Bebop was founded on that same, simple passion: the love of music, and a desire to help train the spotlight on artists that we genuinely believe in. Modern technology has made it easier and more affordable than ever to produce and disseminate your own material. The internet supplies an instant global audience but creates a wider pond – so how do you rise above the soup of it all? With a smart, well-crafted strategy and the support of someone who works as hard to share your music as you do to create it. We focus on the details so you can focus on your craft, with the goal of getting you to a place of creative and professional satisfaction. Our success hinges on yours – we rise and fall together.

"With music, you often don't have to translate it.  It just affects you, and you don't know why.”

– David Byrne

You don’t need a number one record to have a career in the music industry. Success can be as simple as being able to pay the bills with songs, without the need for something on the side. But you do need a clear, consistent plan of action and the desire to get better every day. Run Run Bebop shares that desire, and we want to work hard for you – for every show, every tour, and every album – to help turn passion into profession. It’s not what we do, it’s who we are. 

Patrick Sullivan, Founder

Patrick Sullivan, Founder

"What we do is craft and execute strategy, using processes that enable learning and continuous improvement.  We want to keep getting better – every show, every tour, every album – all with the objective of getting the artist to a place where they feel really good about themselves, both creatively and professionally. "


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